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Wholesale Agreement

Hello! We are so you excited you are looking into carrying our brand, and using our products to grow your business! There are so many reasons why we love STEEL! See our top reasons of why it's such a fantastic medium HERE.

We are pretty easy going, and your success is important to us.  All of our products are the highest grade galvanized steel. We pride ourselves on offering a 40% discount on all bare metal shapes, 35% discount on all Porch Candy® branded bare metal and a 30% discount on all of our completed products and completed Porch Candy®, making it highly competitive with all other mediums that may not offer the same longevity, durability and flexibility. (*We do not offer a wholesale discount on Craft Kits.)

As creatives, "paperwork-y" stuff is our least favorite! (anything other than paperwork please). It is however  a necessary step  just to ensure we are both operating from a place of mutual respect and understand. So settle in rockstar, let's go over just a few things:

Prior to submitting the Wholesale Application, please review the following terms and conditions, also known as the Wholesale Agreement.  You will be asked to acknowledge your understanding and agree to the terms and conditions (a.k.a. Wholesale Agreement) outlined below on your Wholesale Application.

Ok, so let's see what this says..........

Wholesale Agreement

(Terms & Conditions)

This Wholesale Agreement (hereinafter, the "Agreement"), is made and entered into by and between It's Scrapicated, LLC (hereinafter "Wholesaler"), and "Retailer"(you).  Retailer wishes to create, sell and promote products offered by the Wholesaler.


Retailer can apply for a wholesale account with Wholesaler by completing the Wholesale Application form. All ordering of wholesale products is facilitated via the Wholesalers online ordering platform.  Once submitted, retailer should expect to receive a "Welcome Package" email from the Wholesaler within 24-48 business hours.  The Welcome Package will outline next steps, including establishing an account in our ordering system and providing additional information on partnering with the Wholesaler. Retailer must be signed into their online account (once established) for wholesale pricing (40% discount on all bare metal shapes, 35% discount on all Porch Candy® branded bare metal and a 30% discount on all of our completed products and complete Porch Candy®) to be effective.


Retailer must maintain a current business license certificate (or state equivalent) on file and provide a copy of retail Tax ID/Tax ID to Wholesaler (submitted via Wholesale Application).  Wholesaler is not involved in the actual transaction between the Retailer and the Customer.  Retailer will be responsible for providing exemplary customer service to all actual and potential customers, including taking reasonable measures to respond to all customer inquiries.  Wholesaler is not the agent of either the Retailer or the Customer.


Wholesaler retains all rights to all images of products provided and retains the right to prohibit the use of any and all images provided.  Retailer may not use any of the images contained within the provided photos for any other purpose than to gain sales. Retailer may not alter (e.g., crop, change background colors, add text, etc) provided photos other than to size appropriately for website and/or marketing materials.

For any/all bare metal purchases; The Wholesaler encourages the Retailer to create their own products and their own images and branding. Use of the retailers photos requires the Retailers branding as watermarks for all products.

Porch Candy® Branded Bare Metal Purchases: Effective October 1, 2022 Porch Candy® copyrights are released under the following conditions:

  • All Porch Candy® bare metal branded products may be purchased at wholesale pricing of -35% off retail pricing. (Completed Porch Candy® products will continue to be discounted 30% off for wholesale pricing)
  • -All product listings and any social media posts MUST give credit AND tag back or link back to Porch Candy® or It’s Scrapicated, LLC. An example would be powered by "Porch Candy® galvanized steel" or "designs by It's Scrapicated, LLC”. (There is a new Porch Candy® brand Facebook page and a new website for your ease of use.)
  • Retailer completed product lines using Porch Candy® branded bare metal products may NOT be marketed/called/sold as Porch Candy®.
  • Retailer completed Porch Candy® display bases or Porch Candy® design sets may NOT be sold within a 50 mile radius of Springfield, IL. The 50 miles is based on address of Wholesaler. A map of radius can be found HERE. Retailers inside the circle are NOT illegible to create Porch Candy® bare metal products for retail sale.
  • Bare Metal Porch Candy® branded products ARE RELEASED for purposes of DIY Workshops and or personal use irregardless of Wholesalers location.
  • Retailer may NOT sell any Porch Candy® product priced lower than Wholesaler’s MSRP on Porch Candy® Completed products. (This includes products completed by Wholesaler or Retailer) Promotional sales offering discounted pricing for limited time frames are allowed.

Porch Candy® Branded Completed Products Purchases:

Retailers ARE REQUIRED to include the Porch Candy® name in the product title and product description. Retailers may NOT alter the completed work of the Wholesaler.  All Porch Candy® completed design sets must be sold in the branded packaging by the Retailer.

You may NOT apply your wholesale discounts on top of the wholesalers offered retail customer sale prices. Examples Porch Candy® Design of the Month, any/all sales offered by It's Scrapicated, LLC to their retail customers.  Any wholesale order submitted that includes wholesale discounts on top of It's Scrapicated, LLCs discount offerings to their retail customers will be cancelled & refunded. Your wholesale discounts will always be more that what is being offered to It's Scrapicated, LLCs retail customers.  


Related to any (completed/bare metal) Porch Candy® products; The Wholesaler is vested in the success of the Retailer and it is understood that both strive for uniqueness.  The Wholesaler will limit the approval of Wholesale Applications based on the five digits of Retailer zip code, provided that the Retailer has met the order minimum ($1200.00 per year or monthly average if a years worth of data is not available).  Failure to meet the Yearly Minimum/Average by a Retailer with zip code exclusivity will forfeit said exclusivity.  The Wholesaler will reach out to the Retailer via email to advise forfeiture of zip code exclusivity is pending allowing the Retailer to choose to place an order reinstating their minimum to retain exclusivity for which the Retailer will have 48 hours to place the qualifying order.


None. However, $1200/in a 12 month period is required to maintain aforementioned exclusivity related to completed Porch Candy® only. 


At this time, the Wholesaler is not extending credit terms.  All orders must be accompanied by credit card payment in full.  Payments will be processed with your order submission via our shopping cart. You may order inventory from Wholesaler by Credit Card or Paypal.


Retailer agrees that it is the sole responsibility of Retailer to collect, report and remit all taxes to the correct tax authority for all business transactions, sales or revenue stemming from the sales of the Wholesaler's products.


Retailer is responsible to pay shipping charges as calculated by the online ordering system.  All orders will ship UPS or USPS. Please contact us if you have a UPS Account Number you would like us to use. Wholesaler will ship orders to retailer within 5-7 business days for all bare steel orders.  Orders including completed items (Porch Candy® bases and/or Porch Candy® design sets) may extend to 14-28 days as all items are handmade by Wholesaler.  The Wholesaler reserves the right to negotiate shipping dates on large orders ($1,000.00+) that include Porch Candy® branded items.

Order errors and/or defects must be brought to Wholesaler's attention within five (5) business days of receipt of shipment by Retailer.  Retailer will not send/deliver/sell a defective product to a customer.  Wholesale sales are considered final with no returns. We endeavor to protect your reputation, and ours; if you or your customer finds an issue related to manufacturing defects on any completed Porch Candy® branded merchandise during the first 30 days after the sale, we will work with you to find an agreeable solution.


Wholesale accounts do not qualify for loyalty points as they are reserved for our retail customers only effective 4/1/2022.


Wholesaler retains the right to modify this agreement at any time.  Changes will not be retroactive.

*Your acknowledgement and electronic signature indicating acceptance will be required on the Wholesale Application.

Have questions? Just drop us a line at or give us a ring at the shop. 217.210.2393.  Please note we are closed Sundays/Mondays and shop hours are 10am-2pm but email never stops :)

All sound good to ya? AWESOME! You are ready to complete your Wholesale Application!

See you there!

*Updated September 27, 2022


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