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Why Steel?

There are so many choices in the handmade home decor market today but very few are using steel as their medium.  There are so many reasons we love it, here are just a few:

IT'S LIGHT -  Each of our workshop shapes weigh less than 1 pound making them light and perfect for your decorating.

IT'S DURABLE - We typically just refer to it as "metal" but it’s truly galvanized steel. It wont rust, like ever... well not in our lifetimes anyway.

IT'S BENDABLE -  The gauge steel we use is bendable, so we can create 3D designs.

IT'S LAYERABLE - Light enough to be put together easily with magnets or wire to create absolutely amazing designs.

IT'S MAGNETIC! We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what can be done with the magnetic component and the versatility layering with magnets holds.

And our absolute FAVORITE thing.....

IT'S WEATHER PROOF - It laughs at the weather! While the sun is brutal and I’m not sure anything can stand years and years in the UV without some fading, it will hold up, completely unprotected, just beautifully providing an incredible product to your customer.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique, durable product at affordable prices. Shop all of our completed products, including our original line of Porch Candy®, completed door hangers & bare metal.

Are you a maker looking to add the durability, bend-ability and overall awesomeness of galvanized steel to your product line(s)?
Are you looking to start a creative business proven to be profitable year after year?
Do you want to add one of the most original products in the market today, our Porch Candy® products, to your brick & mortar?
Learn more about our Wholesale program HERE.
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