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Get Your DIY On - SPRING Goodness! and February Book Reviews too!

Get Your DIY On - SPRING Goodness! and February Book Reviews too!

Get Your DIY On!

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In sticking with my 2023 goal, I have been busy reading.  Below are the books I read in February & my humble lil' reviews.  I added all of these to my Amazon Store so you can easily find them too. 

Pro reader tip: I honestly do not buy a lot of books; if you do not have a library card...getcha one from your local library.  You can probably get it online without ever having to visit in person. My local library (they have an app) has pretty much everything on my list and I just read them from my ipad via their app.  Sometimes I have to wait for something to become available (I finally got The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo which I have been waiting several weeks for...wwhhoop! whoop!) but so worth the savings. :)


The Little Shop of Found Things (Paula Brackston): **** (4 Stars)

If you are a fan of the TV Series Outlander, you will LOVE this book.  A story of a young woman who owns an antique shop with her mother. She has a special gift that allows some of the olden treasures to "sing" to her and in this case a little trip back to the 17th century. First in a current series of 4 books (Found Things Series). I look forward to reading the next in the series in March.
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Historical


The Silver Witch (Paula Brackston): ****(4 Stars)

While I was waiting for another book to be available for checkout, I grabbed this one immediately after reading Found Things as it was by the same author.  Great story of a young woman starting over after tragic loss and coming into her generational gifts.  A nice mix of romance & magic.
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy


The Invisible Life Of Addie Larue (V.E. Schwab): ***** (5 Stars+)
The characters in this darkly romantic fantasy have stuck with me this month since I read it.  Dark and sultry but also funny at times and frankly, inspiring. An adventure of a cursed (literally) young woman that spans 300 years and how far she will go to leave her mark upon this world.
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Historical


Lessons in Chemistry (Bonnie Garmus) - *****(5 Stars)
Lots of hype about this one in the "book sphere".  Did it live up to the hype? (in my humble little opinion...) Pretty much.  It was quirky and funny with amazing characters.  Very insightful to the sterotypical issues faced by so many women in the 50s & 60s. The general gist; a female chemist becomes the unlikely host of a TV cooking show; lessons & reflections abound.
Genre: Fiction/Humourous


Elevation (Stephen King) - * (1 Star)
Ooophfff! It just was NOT for me.  It has been yyyyeeeaarrsss since I have ready Stephen King and this very short read had good reviews so I thought "why not?".  Yea...just not my thing. It's about a man who while he does not physically look any different he continues to weigh less and less and less..... On a positive note; There are some good characters and his affliction does bring  the town together.  If you read it or have read it, let me know what you think. 
Genre: Fiction/Thriller/Suspense


A Flicker in the Dark (Stacy Willingham)  - **** (4 Stars)
Oh how I love me a good psychological thriller!!! It's about a female psychologist who's father was convicted of murdering six teenage girls when she was 12.  There was a twist I did not see coming until it appeared.  A very solid read.
Genre: Fiction/Psychological Thriller/Crime

Under the Whispering Door (T.J. Klune) - ***** (5 Stars+)
This was one of my favorite books this month, might make my top 10 for 2023.  I absolutley loved it.  It is a longer read, but so worth it! It's hillarous, haunting and so kind. The characters are amazing!  A truly uplifting story about a life spent at the office and a death spent building a home. 
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Humorous/Lgbtq+

Our Missing Hearts (Celeste Ng) - *** (3 Stars)
I was in the middle ground with this dystopian read.  I neither loved it or disliked it, it was just meh. I has some of the "The Handmaids Tale" vibes in that government over-reach, conform or be punished kinda way. It is a story of a mother who has been seperated from her son due to her beliefs and the lengths and depths of a mothers love. 
Genre: Fiction/Family/Asian American

I would love to know what you have read that you feel is a "must read" or your reviews of any of these book too! Leave a comment below.



Less than 2 weeks until our Spring Fling! I would love to see you there!

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