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Shamrocks, Shopping & Stories

Shamrocks, Shopping & Stories

Last week we asked y'all which of our Shamrock Door Hangers was your favorite...

You voted and with 36% of the votes, the winner is....Our Original Shamrock! We would love to hear if you agree - Tell us below!

Did you see we have a new and easier way to shop all of our in stock items?!? We have separate categories for our in stock Porch Candy® Designs, Door Hangers and Home Decor. We hope this helps you easily find what you are looking for :)

If what you want isn't in stock, we will happily hand make your item just for you! Turn around time is 7-10 business days, but we usually always beat that time frame!

Any readers out there?

These are the books I read in January. Have you read any of these? I love curling up with a good book and getting lost in the story.

I would rank them:

1. Remarkably Bright Creatures

2. Take My Hand

3./4. (Tie) The Maid & The Escape Artist

5. We Were Never Here

6. The Winter People

7. A Killer’s Wife

8. The Sanatorium

I would read them all again with the exception of The Sanatorium, good story just way way way too many words to get to the point for me. #shortattentionspan

I added them all to my Amazon store too :

I'm always looking for the next book, so let me know of any you love by dropping a comment below!

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