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Hello 2-0-2-1

Hello 2-0-2-1

Well hello there 2-0-2-1!!! Oh how I have longed to see your precious face!

 If you read my Goodbye 2020 ramblings, you may have gathered that I have been VERY MUCH looking forward to a new year.  New Year's has always been my favorite and this year is no exception, anticipation galore! 

I'm going to hop right to it because we have some amazing things planned for 2021.

1. Implement a Loyalty Program - earn points for purchasing, leaving reviews, sharing, liking - all the things - cash in your points for discounts, free shipping, actual smackaroos off your purchases - all the magical goodness of loyalty programs.  This is COMING SOON! so stay tuned!

2. Inventory Management - Huge! HUGE! Ha-UGE! deal.  We really want to get our inventory stocked and begin tracking so you will know what we really have "in stock" vs. what we will have to make.  It's tricky with a handmade business as all of the products must be produced by actual humans in small batches.  No machines, just two hands and paint brushes.  This will allow us to REDUCE THE TURNAROUND times and get things to you so much faster! We do not believe that the online purchasing push of 2020 is going away in 2021 and we want to absolutely be competitive in an Amazon driven world.

3.  Expand Porch Candy® Design Customization - We totally get it, you want your designs to match your theme/decor.  I'm not going to lie y'all, customization is hard to manage but we have some ideas about how we can absolutely allow you to pick colors, have options that you will love and that we can manage while still providing superior customer service. 

4. Expand our Wholesale Program - I have been at this for nearing 10 years, I know the ins and outs of not only the power of steel as a medium but what it takes to run a successful handmade business. I hope that doesn't sound "sassy" or overly confident, I surely do not mean it that way at all.  I just would love to connect with other hand makers that may be looking for ways to expand their business with the incredible flexibility and strength of metal.

5.  Have FUN! - I absolutely, positively lost my fun-o-meter in 2020. Our theme for 2021 is F-U-N! We are going to be expanding our fun factor with more engagement on all our social media channels via "Creators Corner" (LIVE crafting with our products), trivia, birthday celebrations and pretty much anything that seems like it may be even remotely FUN!

6.  Digital Products - I have been piddling around with this idea for years.  I have never really gotten it off the ground, but designing is my absolute favorite thing to do.  I would love to create useful tools for other crafters in the form of .svg cut files, graphics for sublimation/screen print creation or for social media use by other hand makers too. Maybe even an e-book.  It's not a fully formed idea, but I am looking forward to begin testing the waters so to speak. 

7. On-Site DIY Workshops - Our plan with DIY workshops is cautious.  Once Tier 3 mitigations are lifted in Illinois we will develop our plan to again start scheduling private parties. These will be limited to specific social groups vs. an open public format.   My best guess for Open (Public) Workshops is mid year but that will of course depend on how the year shakes out with the vaccine and CDC guidance. 

These are the big ones.  We will of course continue to improve our website features and functions, make all the things and continue to provide amazing customer service.    

We ALWAYS! want your feedback and input.  Have thoughts or suggestions for us, drop us a note at

We are looking forward to an amazing 2021 & we THANK YOU oh so much for being a part of our journey!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'all! Let's make it AWESOME!



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